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Large Tote Bag - Light Blue Stripes with Floral Designs

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Allow yourself to indulge in this FUNctional carry-all, everyday bag.  It's perfect to "grab and go" for a trip to the Market, Office, School, Workout at the gym, Daily errands  OR impromptu overnight - the possibilities are endless!  

Stylish and practical in all weather conditions - won't stain or get soggy in the rain.

Ultra-light, durable, vegan tote - only 12 ounces - no added weight to your load with heavy fabric or leather.

Colors stay bright, won’t fade or rub-off. Bright, bold colors and patterns are WOVEN, not printed or dyed. 

Crafted to last, season after season: Double layered bottom for durability, Reinforced seams up the sides, Double -stitched handles for your heaviest loads, Triple-stitched corners to last. Stain resistant - Easily wipe away any spills. 

Smoosh a blueberry, spill a latte, dump hand sanitizer in your bag?No worries!  The spills can be wiped away, use your kitchen faucet on spray and spray it away!  

DIMENSIONS (each bag is made one-by-one, some slight variations may occur)

H 15" (38 cm)

W 15.5" (39 cm)

D 6" (15 cm)

Handle drop 20" (51 cm)

POCKET: Inside zippered pocket (H 9" x W 7.5")

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Spot clean by spraying with water. Do not wring. Hang dry. No iron.


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