Stylish, Durable, Ultra-light Tote Bags
Made in the USA 
Fabric Woven in Japan

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Our mission

Our goal is to help you enjoy the essence of Japanese culture infused into each ShimaShima bag - And keep plastics out of the oceans and landfills.
Your life is busy. You bring stuff everywhere you go & would love a carry-all for everything in your active lifestyle!
No more bags with handles that fall off, seams that rip out, or bottoms that develop holes. No more quick fix bags.
ShimaShima bags are meant to last: they’re stylish & lightweight - in addition to being FUNctional!
Your ShimaShima Bag will complete its journey from our family in Japan to the Finger Lakes, NY and finally to your home, and we know you’ll love it!

Our Founder

 In 2019, after spending nearly 15 years in Japan, Maryse returned to her roots in the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York - giving her kids the chance to study in the US.
As our founder, she designs each bag using the special colors, patterns, textures, and aesthetics unique to ShimaShima Bags!

Our Story

Making handbags out of our own fabric, woven by our original patented method, joggled around our minds for years... But there’s no straight path from Japan to Upstate New York. We took a winding road through mountains and valleys, crossing oceans and lakes, And spent years creating our life together.
Taka,  CEO of his family business, spent many years learning everything about the tatami mat border business from his father & mother. He has now taken over the reins of the company as the third generation.
Taka's creativity eventually bore the product line we use today on our ShimaShima bags!
Now it’s time to bring this unique woven fabric to the US for the first time so the rest of the world can enjoy & benefit from these lightweight, durable, sustainable bags!

Our Large Tote Bags

Go ahead and treat yourself!  Indulge in a tote bag that will last season after season.  Bold colors, Woven designs, Inspired by nature.

Our Wine Fabric Tote Carrier & Gift Bags

Carry your favorite beverage in a sleek Wine Tote Carrier that will last for years.  Long handles to hang on your wrist so you can free your hands to carry all of your goodies.
Minimize plastics and cellophanes headed to the landfill, lakes and oceans by giving the gift that keeps on giving. A Wine Fabric Gift Bag that can be re-used, re-gifted, re-purposed. 

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